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Kanobu Best Game selection (2017) Most Voted@ GamesJamKanobu (2017)

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#1 Ripped t-shirt provider (2017) FUCK THIS GAME! © Jon Carnage (2017)


GRIPPER. The prodigal son of Mad Max and Zelda. Action RPG on wheels where you tear singing hearts of your relatives out from bosses.

In a world where androids celebrate Burning Man by burning humans, all inhabitants bear a physical injury of one sort or another. You and your deaf sister are no exceptions. The two of you live peacefully on a farm until someone comes and burns it down. Now, your sister is missing. All you have left is your car with a hook. The time to learn how to kill with it is running out.

The gameplay consists of close combat fighting, evading hails of bullets, and driving a car with a hook that you use for everything: from collecting loot for crafting to destroying enemies. And remember - physics always matter.

This is a story of people learning to live with their disabilities: a child grown old too fast, an anguished artificial intelligence, and even the main hero himself - a music addict whose only weapon is a hook and his sister - a deaf singer.

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